Are you applying for the correct Nigerian Visa?

Are you applying for the correct visa, when traveling to Nigeria ? If you are intending to travel to Nigeria to work, even on a short term contractual basis, you should consider applying for a temporary work permit (TWP) and not a business visa.

Applying for the incorrect visa could cost you unnecessary time and additional cost in referral fees charged by First Visas. We want to be sure you get your application right first time, before it is submitted. Business visas are issued specifically for travelers attending business meetings, ventures, conferences, trade shows etc. Multiple entry business visas (valid for 6 months) are issued where clients can demonstrate a proven track record of attending Nigeria for permitted business activities.

If it is your first business meeting trip to Nigeria, consider asking your sponsor to request in their letter of invitation for a single entry business visa, instead of a multiple entry. There after an application can be made for a multiple entry business visa. If in doubt or need any help please contact First Visas for helpful tips you can call us on 0208 769 1750 or you can email us at

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