David Cameron sets out government policy on immigration welfare benefits and housing

In this video the Prime Minister David Cameron sets in detail government policy and what policies are to be implemented this year.


A summary of the key points have been listed below:

Welfare Benefits Job seekers Allowance
Proposals that there will be a limit of up to 6 months where a jobs seeker and also EU nationals will be able to access job seekers allowance. After 6 months if unable to show that they  have a genuine chance of getting a job the benefit will be cut. ability to speak English language will be part of the assessment process.

NHS service

To get better at reciprocal charging. There will strict requirement on private health insurance for foreign nationals visiting the UK. Strengthen the test on applicants who can access the health service.

 Housing Allocation

 New statutory allocation targets to create a local residence test

 Illegal Migrants

Will no longer be able to hold a driving licence.

 Private Landords

Will be required to check the immigration status of tenants, and tough sanctions  similar to employers fines, if they failed to.

Shortage Occupation Skills

Reduction in the list of occupation on this list.


Doubling fines required by employers


Faster deportation measures to be introduced.