MP calls for a UK Immigration amnesty

Mr Nadhim Zahawi made the controversial comment after the Tories attracted just 16 per cent of black and Asian voters at the last election – 50 per cent less than Labor. He said the following:

Mr  Nadhim Zahawi

Our failure to appeal to ethnic minorities should send loud alarm bells ringing in Downing Street and Central Office”.

“Unless we act now this electoral penalty will only get worse.” Mr Zahawi, who is MP for Stratfordupon-Avon, said an influx of immigrants would help boost Britain’s economy.  Although he has won backing from the London Mayor Boris Johnson he faces strong opposition from his own party.

 I listened to Mr Zahawi whilst he was been interview on LBC Radio discussing this proposal.  He mentioned that it would benefit the economy and the UK tax system, which is in need of revenue.   But critics of mass immigration dismissed his   suggestion, including the Prime Minister David Cameron. Mr Nadhim Zahawi should be commended for raising this subject. Mr Zahawi, who was born in Iraq to Kurdish parents who fled Saddam Hussein’s regime, said: “We shouldn’t be afraid to think outside our comfort zone. I agree.

It is estimated that the figure for overstayers including illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers is around 573,000. It would costly to remove all these people, through the legal process, and many would advance arguments under Article 8 ECHR.  Arguments were advanced on the radio that it would be unfair to those who entered the UK legally and had complied fully with the Immigration Rules.  LBC presenter Ian Dale argued that the amnesty could be considered as patronizing to those prospective voters, who were seeking to regularize their stay.  Although no one who was in this position called to voice their comments on whether they agreed.

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