Requirements for a Chinese Visa

Requirements for Chinese Visa


Have you been asked to provide a letter of invitation for a Business Visa for China and not too sure what information is needed? 

Follow the guideline for a business visa for China, you should ensure that your letter of invitation contains the following details listed below:

  • Full Name, Gender and DOB of invitee
  • Your intended Entry and Exit dates to China
  • Your purpose of your visit to China
  • Your intended destination(s) in China
  • Your source of financial support for your trip to china
  • Your relationship with the invited institute
  • A letterhead showing the name, address, telephone number of the inviter
  • Signature and stamp from the inviter on the invitation

Make sure your letter of invitation outlines all the above to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner. For further information contact First Visas, to speak to one of our specialist please give us a call on 0208 769 1750 or you can email us at,uk.

Are you applying for the correct Nigerian Visa?

Are you applying for the correct visa, when traveling to Nigeria ? If you are intending to travel to Nigeria to work, even on a short term contractual basis, you should consider applying for a temporary work permit (TWP) and not a business visa.

Applying for the incorrect visa could cost you unnecessary time and additional cost in referral fees charged by First Visas. We want to be sure you get your application right first time, before it is submitted. Business visas are issued specifically for travelers attending business meetings, ventures, conferences, trade shows etc. Multiple entry business visas (valid for 6 months) are issued where clients can demonstrate a proven track record of attending Nigeria for permitted business activities.

If it is your first business meeting trip to Nigeria, consider asking your sponsor to request in their letter of invitation for a single entry business visa, instead of a multiple entry. There after an application can be made for a multiple entry business visa. If in doubt or need any help please contact First Visas for helpful tips you can call us on 0208 769 1750 or you can email us at

The European debate Nigel Farage v Nick Clegg April 2014

Bulgarian and Romanian Immigration into the UK


As from January 1, 2014 citizens of Romania and Bulgaria will enjoy the same rights as the rest of the EU which will allow them to work in the UK. It was back in 2007 when Bulgaria and Romania both joined the EU which meant its citizens could have the right to travel in the UK without the need to get a visa. However, there were restrictions imposed at the time of the type of work they could do.


Any employer in Britain that wanted to hire someone from Bulgaria or Romania would have to have work permits and the employees (from Romania and Bulgaria) have to have a document called the “Accession Worker Card.”


It all made life rather difficult for those wanting to come and work in Britain, particularly for unskilled workers. But come January 1, 2014 these tough restrictions will be lifted after seven years of being in place.


There are other countries in the EU that face the same issues as Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Holland, Malta and Luxembourg for example. The Romanian and Bulgarian workers will be entitled to the same benefits as the rest of the EU member states but prime minister David Cameron has proposed a number of restrictions that should be in place by the time the immigration visa restrictions are due to be lifted.


There will be a restriction on migrants claiming out of work benefits, like Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) for the first three months and all welfare benefits will stop completely after six months unless there is a real chance of that migrant worker getting a job. Migrants will not be able to claim housing benefit and any migrant caught begging will be deported and not allowed to return to the UK for a period of 12 months. Whether or not these restrictions go far enough is a burning question. Several Romanian visitors spent well over three months sleeping rough on the grounds of Marble Arch in central London over the summer months, some would get by with food that had gained from bins and begged from tourists.


Another proposal is to quadruple the fines imposed on employers who undercut British workers by paying less than the minimum wage. The backlash has come from political party UKIP and pressure group Migration Watch that has predicted more than 55,000 could arrive in the UK every year until 2019.




Are you eligible to apply for limited leave to remain as a parent?

Are you are a parent or carer of a child settled in the UK? Do you have a child born in the UK under 18 years that you would like to maintain regular contact?   Do you have existing leave to remain in the UK? Or are you an overstayer?  The good news is that the immigration rules do make provision, however there are a number of requirements that would need to be met under the Immigration Rules. Applicants should seek the advice of an Immigration Adviser before considering applying, as changes to the Immigration rules may impact and affect the application. Applicants would need to satisfy not only financial & accommodation requirements, but also English language requirements.



If the application is successful, the applicant will be initially being granted 30 months leave, and would be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain after 60months.


Qualifying for indefinite leave to remain 10 years lawful residence

The prospects for many applicants seeking to apply for this represent the final hurdle for achieving their long awaited status.  Depending on the basis of your application e.g. Tier 2 work permits or 10 years lawful residence, you may qualify for indefinite leave either after 5 years or 10 years lawful residence.   Before making these application applicants should check they meet the requirements to ensure that they qualify.



In particular applicants should look closely that they do meet the continuous residence requirements, and that there residence is lawful throughout this period.  Under the Immigration rules continuous residence means residence in the UK for an unbroken period, and the for these purposes a period shall not be considered to have been broken where an applicant is absent from the UK for a period of 6 months or less. So if an applicant who has existing leave travels overseas and return with 6 months. This would be treated as continuous.

Identifying Gaps or breaks in the qualifying period.

What if you do have gaps or breaks in your period of entitlement? Have you made an out of time application in the proceeding period?  If there has been a break, how long is the break?   If you have had a period of overstay during the qualifying period, then this can affect the result of your application.

One should not assume that just because an application meets the milestone of say 5 years or 10 years that you will automatically qualify. In cases where an applicant has a single short gap in lawful residence through making one single previous application out of time by a few days not more than 10 days (e.g. postal strike, hospitalization, administrative error) then it may be possible that caseworkers may exercise discretion in these instances.

If there is a gap or break applicants should ensure that they do get the necessary legal advice before proceeding with their application.

The New Immigration Bill – New Tough Measures Planned

UKBA-LogoAs foretold earlier this year, the Government publishes its new immigration bill today. The bill contains a number of tough measures which has major far reaching social and political  implications for families communities, and society as a whole.

Please see list below for a summary of the main proposals:

  1. Stop migrants using public services
  2. Easier deportation procedures;
  3.  Private landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants;
  4. .Introduction of a requirement for students to make a contribution to the heath service;
  5.  Banks will be required to check known databases of offenders before opening bank accounts;
  6. Introduction of powers to check and revoke driving licenses where immigrants have overstayed;
  7.  Restriction on ability for detainees to apply for bail if repeatedly refused;
  8. Clamp down on sham marriages or civil marriages to gain immigration advantage
  9.  Redefine how the courts apply Article 8 ECHR

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How to secure a Nigerian Business Visa

In this article you will gain an understanding of the process required to obtain a Nigerian visa. Nigeria is one of the most popular destinations in West Africa. It is comprised of nearly 36 states and it shares a border with Chad and Cameroon and the Republic of Benin. If you’re business owner that is traveling to Nigeria, you not only have the opportunity to witness is vast culture but you can see firsthand how its administrative legal structure is categorized and its vast oil reserves that have brought prosperity to its country.

Nigeria is one of the most popular destinations in West Africa. It is comprised of nearly 36 states and it shares a border with Chad and Cameroon and the Republic of Benin. If you’re business owner that is traveling to Nigeria, you not only have the opportunity to witness is vast culture but you can see firsthand how its administrative legal structure is categorized and its vast oil reserves that have brought prosperity to its country. However, you first have to gain admittance and this is accomplished with a Nigerian Business Visa.

In essence, a passport and Nigerian Business Visa is absolutely necessary for traveling purposes. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and have at least one page that can be stamped when you arrive.
1. To apply for a Nigerian Visa, you must fill out an application form. The Nigerian Embassy now allows you to fill out your application online and to render payment there too. However, you must select the right Consulate and your documents should be sent to the Travisa location you have selected on the application. In addition, you must bring your credit card payment receipt and include it with your application, as proof of payment is absolutely required for processing purposes.
2. Make sure you include passport photos that are on a plain/white background. They should be 2X2 and in color.
3. You will also need to bring a letter of invitation from an individual or company sponsor that has been properly signed and executed. This letter must explain why you are traveling to Nigeria, how long you will be there, where you will stay and must include a note that states that they will accept full immigration responsibility for your visit.
4. You will need to include a letter from your sponsoring company or employer that introduces you and explains your current position and job duties and why you will be traveling to Nigeria.
5. If you intend to work in Nigeria on a short term basis, you can apply for a temporary work permit (TWP). For long term employment you can consider apply for a STR Visa (Subject to Regularization Visa) A number of documents are required for this application, and professional assistance in compiling the bundle should be obtained before submitting the application.
Lastly, you will need to include all the above information and where you want the visa to be sent once it has been processed. Keep in mind that you may or may not be approved and the decision is based entirely on the consulate. It typically takes less than 5 working days for processing and you can pay extra if you want the express service.
As you can see, it is quite a lengthy process to be approved for a Nigerian Visa however, once you get clearance, you will marvel in this populous country and all that it has to offer to its natives as well as those traveling for business and pleasure.

Helpful tips in applying for a business visas to top destinations

 Helpful tips in applying for a Business Visas

Membership of the European Union (EU) provides the rights of free movement within the EU. Nationals of the EU and their family members have very extensive rights of free movement within the EU.   British nationals are able to freely travel within the European Union without the need for a visa. However British and foreign nationals settled in the UK seeking to travel outside the EU either for business or pleasure will need to ascertain whether  a visa is required for their place of travel. Business visas will be required to attend a business venture,  attend business meetings, conferences, trade shows, and lecturing/ researcher etc.

The procedure for applying for a business visa varies from  country to country. Travelers should not assume that all Consulates offer the facility where visa application can be processed using an express service.  It is always advisable to allow plenty of time to process visa applications. It is strongly advisable that travelers should avoid purchasing a ticket, until they have secured their visa.

Top 8 Visa Applications for Business Visas

We have listed below the top 8 business visa destinations including the processing time for a business visa.

Name of country

Visa Required

Express Service available?

Online application required



Yes  -24 hours service




Yes  -24 hour service




Yes -24 hour service




Yes – 3 working days


Saudi  Arabia


No –  3 working days




Yes  -24 hours service




No – 10-15 working days


To avoid any delays in the processing of applications for foreign nationals, particularly for Nigerian business visas, applicants should ensure that they include evidence of their residence in the form of two utility bills (2-3 months). Please note that mobile  phone bill is not a utility bill. Utility bills include gas, electric, water rates or council tax.

If you are looking to travel whether business / tourist FirstVisa can help. There will be no need to wait in the queue or travel up to central London. Couriers are on hand to deal with and expedite your application from start to completion.  So if you are intending to travel on business or tourist please feel free to contact them on the requirements needed. Further information on the top 8 business visa express service applications can be found at their website.


 Full details or each country requirements, can also be found by visiting and clicking on the search facility top right corner.

First Visas an agent specializing in securing tourist and business visas and work permits.

Qualifying for British Citizenship and avoiding the pitfalls


Naturalization is the process where adults (over 18) can apply under this process.  It is now possible to hold dual nationality however nationals should first of all check to see whether they will lose their foreign nationality.  Benefits of naturalization include been able to travel freely throughout Europe, and been able to participate in life and the community in the UK.


Since the growth of the European Union many nationals residing and working in the UK now have the opportunity to secure British Citizenship.  It important that applicants ensure that they do qualify before applying as they will not be able to claim a refund of the fees (save for ceremony fees) if the application is not successful.

 The qualifying period 3 or 5 years

Applicants should note that if they are married or in civil partnership to a British Citizen they will qualify after 3 years of residence in the UK.  Or application can be made based on five year residence in the UK.  Applicants must also be free from immigration restrictions during the last 12 months of the 5 years qualifying period before making the application.  EU nationals can apply for permanent residence under EU law as evidence of their status.




Ø  Age Requirement over 18

Ø  “ Good Character” Requirement

Ø  Language and Knowledge of life in the UK

Ø  Provide at least 2 referees

Ø  Intention to make UK your home (5 years residence only)

Ø  Residence requirements

Ø  Criminal activity

 Residence Requirements

To satisfy the residence requirement you should not have been absent for more than 90 days in the last 12 months. And the total number of day’s absence for the whole 5 year period should not exceed 450. If you are married to or in a civil partnership with a British citizen the total number of day’s absence for the whole 3 year period should not exceed


To know whether you qualify contact First Precedent at