Removal of the full right of appeal for family visitors


Further changes to the rights to appeal  of family members against visit visas will shortly come into force after 25 June 2013.  This will mean that  family members who are refused a visit visa will  have a restricted right of appeal.


family graduation ceremony


Prior to the changes  close family members  were able to retain the right of the appeal and where successful in many cases able to challenge the refusal through the courts. UK Border Agency maintains that the  reasons behind  this move  is to reduce the cost of the appeal system.  The appeal system workload  was already dramatically reduced  as a result of the changes implemented in July 2012 which tightened the definition of family  visits.

UK Border  state that applicants who are refused can re apply addressing the reasons for refusal. They argue that this will cost less than  appealing.  The  real concerns are that family  members  who are refused are being denied the opportunity of challenging the refusal save on  limited grounds.






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