Requirements for a Chinese Visa

Requirements for Chinese Visa


Have you been asked to provide a letter of invitation for a Business Visa for China and not too sure what information is needed? 

Follow the guideline for a business visa for China, you should ensure that your letter of invitation contains the following details listed below:

  • Full Name, Gender and DOB of invitee
  • Your intended Entry and Exit dates to China
  • Your purpose of your visit to China
  • Your intended destination(s) in China
  • Your source of financial support for your trip to china
  • Your relationship with the invited institute
  • A letterhead showing the name, address, telephone number of the inviter
  • Signature and stamp from the inviter on the invitation

Make sure your letter of invitation outlines all the above to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner. For further information contact First Visas, to speak to one of our specialist please give us a call on 0208 769 1750 or you can email us at,uk.

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