The New Immigration Bill – New Tough Measures Planned

UKBA-LogoAs foretold earlier this year, the Government publishes its new immigration bill today. The bill contains a number of tough measures which has major far reaching social and political  implications for families communities, and society as a whole.

Please see list below for a summary of the main proposals:

  1. Stop migrants using public services
  2. Easier deportation procedures;
  3.  Private landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants;
  4. .Introduction of a requirement for students to make a contribution to the heath service;
  5.  Banks will be required to check known databases of offenders before opening bank accounts;
  6. Introduction of powers to check and revoke driving licenses where immigrants have overstayed;
  7.  Restriction on ability for detainees to apply for bail if repeatedly refused;
  8. Clamp down on sham marriages or civil marriages to gain immigration advantage
  9.  Redefine how the courts apply Article 8 ECHR

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