Top Tips to consider in applying for a UK fiancée/ Spousal Visa


Are you looking to apply for a spousal/ fiancée visa and not sure how to go about it. Then you may find these tips helpful.


Applicants in the UK who are applying to switch for instance from student to spouse should ensure that they meet all the requirements of the immigration rules before proceeding with their application. The sponsor should either have settled status, which means that they indefinite leave to remain ( ILR) or British nationals.


An application can be made under the Immigration Rules for a fiancee if you are bringing your partner to the UK with the intention of marriage/civil partnership. If the application is successful, then leave will be granted up a maximum of 6 months, to come to the UK to get married with a restriction on work. If the marriage/ civil partnership do not take place within the 6 months then a further application may need to be considered.


The next factor one should consider is the accommodation. Whether this is rental accommodation or owned. It is important to ensure that the accommodation you intend to reside  is not overcrowded and that there is exclusively use.


Age is also an important factor. If there is a large age gap between the applicant and sponsor then one should expect that the application will be scrutinized carefully.  Is the relationship has a result of a world wind romance?  then these issue will be looked into. If either party has been divorced then it’s important to show that  they are free to marriage.


When and where did you meet? It is a requirement under the immigration rules whether you are applying for a spousal/ fiancée civil partnership visa that you have actually met. The applicant will also need to submit evidence that they speak English   to the required standard.   At least CEFR level A1 in speaking and listening if the applicant is from an English speaking country then this is not required.


Here is a list of some of the documents required.


Documents Needed:

  • 2 recent passport photographs and your passport
  • Evidence of your age and your partner’s age
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • Evidence that you were both free to marry or enter your civil partnership
  • Evidence that you have met
  • Evidence of your English language ability
  • Evidence that you meet the financial requirement.


Financial Requirements:

You must have an income of at least £18,600. If you are sponsoring a child as well as a partner you will need an income of at least £22,400. For each additional child being sponsored you will need an additional income of £2,400. For example, if you are you are bringing 2 children with you to the United Kingdom, you must have and income of £22,400 and £2,400 for the additional child, so a total of £24,800.

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