Top tips What you should know before applying for UK visa to enter the UK

Whether you are applying for a visit visa  or settlement  for a loved one  there are a lot of hurdles to jump through when you are trying to navigate the immigration rules. It not just the immigration rules you will need to know.

If you have been refused  in the past than reapplying makes it equally  more challenging. Sadly there is no longer the right to appeal against refusal of a visit visa or even a right to an administrative review. So your only option will be to submit a fresh application.   In an increasingly hostile environment to immigration particularly from the Commonwealth countries its important that all steps are taken to make the application stands a good chance of succeeding.  Make sure all information  whether the online or paper application is accurate and correct. If you can afford to use Immigration Adviser.  We are regulated by the Office for Immigration Service Commissioner ( OISC ) level 3. They will hopefully be able to provide you with  right advice, so that you can avoid the pitfalls.

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If you decide to prepare and submit the application yourself make sure you  familiarize yourself with the Appendix .  There is no numbering system like the Immigration Rules  The appendix are referenced by a complex  lettering scheme.

Here are examples of some of the appendices listed below:

  •  Appendix B English language requirement
  •  Appendix FM Family Members
  •  Appendix FM SE Specified Evidence
  •  Appendix K short list occupation
  •  Appendix V  Immigration Rules for Visitors

It always worth looking at Immigration Directorate Instructions(IDI )which applicants will definitely find helpful when  making an application.





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