UK Government set to get tough on overstayers, Illegal Immigrants & failed asylum seekers

The queen speech gave news of the recent proposal by the UK government to tackle illegal immigration Proposal are expected to increase employers sanctions, restrict access to the National health service, and require landlords to check immigration status.

 Uk Border Agency

Clearly these proposals will be viewed as alarming for some who has overstayed, entered the UK Illegally or, failed asylum application. How the new law will be implemented in practice, we will have to wait and see. The proposals appear to be in response to concerns from the public generally about immigration.

However here are my concerns, Immigration from the European Union (EU) countries cannot be stopped, because UK is part of the EU.  On 1 Jan 2014 Romania and Bulgarian will have full EU membership, and have the same rights to work. We are having been built up to expect a stampede of migrants. So evidently there is nothing the UK Government can do about this, whether this materializes or not… Why then is there in response to these concerns, that the UK government decides to turn its resources into focusing on the small proportion of those who do not have a right to remain. By the UK governments own admission does not know how many overstayers or illegal immigrants or failed asylum seekers are in the UK. The figure may be small. Consider the following extract from Capita “There are only a very small minority of people living in the UK illegally”

Many who are have overstayed are in the position where they have outstanding applications, and are awaiting a decision. How will the proposals affect those who are in this position? Will they be asked to move from their home?  If someone is in need of urgent medical treatment, will they then be denied medical treatment?

The point that is being made here is that the UK Border Agency seems to be proposing the new immigration bill purely as a means to appease their voters and supporters. But are they focusing on the real issues? Or are they just goings for easy pickings. 

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