UK Immigration and its Effects

UK Immigration and its Effects

Wages decreasing  tough times

Wages decreasing sign of tough times threshold earnings set at £18.600

UK Immigration has been a big part of British culture and news for quite some time, but a lot of the time for the wrong reasons. People seem to tar immigrants with the same brush, whilst on the one hand I can see how people believe that it has a detrimental effect on British Citizens, I also believe that they have a positive impact on UK life. To put into perspective how much UK immigration plays on British citizens lives, Sky news released some stats that shows immigration is to of the list of concerns for Britain.

 Sky News asked the question: “Do you think that the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union?” – 51% voted No, with 49% supporting the Yes option. This shows just what the average British person is thinking right now, and it seems they are blaming the EU. Of this 49% supporting the EU, just over half of them said that they would change their mind if the Euro was forced upon them. With just over 65% of respondents answering that “They want more control over immigration”. It may not be immigration itself that is effecting the British, it is how its regulated and controlled. Some immigrants come to this country for things such as the NHS and benefits. The NHS has been hit hard and the immigrants abusing it are causing a huge £1bn rise in the NHS spending.

 However some of the UK’s immigration workers and Governmental figures may have rushed into immigration whilst panicking and have created a huge array of problems for some families, namely that a new “minimum earnings rule” has been applied, meaning that if this minimum earnings isn’t met, British citizens cannot bring their non-European Wife/Husband into the UK. The number is currently set at £18,600 which in this economic climate is a hard salary to come by. If the couple also has a child, the minimum is set at £22,400 which is even steeper. After your first child, each additional child then rises the threshold by £2400. This is killing family life for some immigrants which causes them to choose between a “better life” or staying together in another country.

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