UK Immigration steps up pressure on illegal migrants

With the general election now in clear sight. The UK government has decided to step up their approach targeting illegal immigration, much to the annoyance of their coalition partners who said that they found their adverts distasteful.

UK Border Enforcement Team in Tooting SW17

UK Border Enforcement Team in Tooting SW17

The Home Office has defended the campaign covering six London boroughs, which involved leaflets and small posters being distributed and two advertising vans being driven around for a week. The department said it represented a constructive approach to the problem of illegal immigration. It is understood that Downing Street has indicated that the controversial campaign could be extended nationwide.

 Meanwhile UK Border Agency staff has stepped up its increase presence in the London boroughs. They were visible on tooting on Saturday when they closed a local store.  Concerns have been raised about the government’s approach, many feel it is reminiscent of the 1970  images, and could be seen to unfairly target legal migrants.

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