Are you looking to invite a family member or a friend to visit the UK?

Visiting the UK

Family Visits

London is a great place to visit. There are so many attractions to see. But if you are looking to invite your relative or a friend (outside the European Union)is no straightforward matter. You will need to ensure that you do have the correct immigration status to start. So make sure that you check this out first. Further changes were implemented last year from July 2012 that resulted in tightening the family sponsor definitions in family visit visa appeal. So it is always worth checking, whether the person you are looking to invite will be affected by the changes. We are assuming here that the reader is the sponsor, if not, and you are the applicant just make sure you spread the word to your sponsor.

What if you have already made an application and the applicant has received a refusal decision from the Entry Clearance Officer. Well all may not be lost. You will need to consider carefully the reasons for the refusal, and whether it is worth reapplying, or if you have been granted the right to appeal , challenging the decision. Getting legal advice may be crucial here in determining your decision. Did you provide the correct information the first time? Did you fail to supply important financial information Does the applicant have sufficient ties in his home country to satisfy the Entry Clearance Officer that they are a genuine visitor?.Is the applicant in the category of family definition that has retained the right to appeal? This can easily be checked by looking at the refusal decision. Applicants have 28 days from service of the notice to appeal.

Non family members
Or maybe you are looking to invite a close friend, associate or friend to the UK as a tourist? There are many categories of visitors, which include general visitors, academic, business, sports entertainer visitor. Applicants must ensure that they apply for the correct visas, and meet the immigration requirements. General visitor may be admitted for a period not exceeding 6 months, there is provision under the immigration rules to extend for up to 6 months for other categories.

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